Friday Night Toothache - What do You do Now?

Orthodontics: How To Tell When Is Early Intervention Needed

Most children will need braces when they reach their teenage years, whether to fix a misaligned bite or to straighten out crooked teeth. However, some issues of the mouth are more extreme than others, and should be addressed earlier in order to prevent more problems from forming or getting worse. There are a few ways that you, as a parent, can determine whether or not you need to ask your dentist for an early orthodontic recommendation for your child. Read More 

3 Reasons To Look For A Holistic Dental Practice

Do you prefer homeopathy and acupuncture to antibiotics and painkillers? Would you rather opt for less invasive medical treatments, like diet and lifestyle changes, over more invasive treatments, like drugs and surgery, when possible? If you prefer a more natural approach to medicine, why wouldn't you also want to take that same natural approach when it comes to caring for your teeth? By choosing a holistic dentist, you can be sure that your preferences when it comes to your medical care are also reflected in your dental care. Read More 

Cosmetic Options To Fix Your Cracked Or Chipped Teeth

Cracks and chips in your teeth can be minor or severe. Some are surface level but cause your teeth to become stained, and others are more severe, causing pain and allowing bacteria to enter the pulp of your tooth. Whether it's for cosmetic purposes or to save your teeth, there are options to correct your cracked and chipped teeth. Click here for info or check out these three solutions, and find the best one for you. Read More 

Options For Cosmetic Dentistry In Ocoee FL

Is there something about your smile that bothers you? Maybe you think your teeth are a little too crooked, or maybe you have stained, yellowed, or chipped teeth. Perhaps you simply think there's too much space between your teeth. Whatever your concerns may be, if you're dissatisfied with your smile, then you owe it to yourself to do something about it. After all, everyone deserves to have a smile that he or she can be proud of. Read More