Things That Can Cause Your Gums To Recede

Some degree of gum recession is natural due to aging, but there are a variety of behaviors that can cause your gums to recede at a heightened pace. The concern with this situation is that as your gums move away from your teeth, more of each tooth — and potentially even a tooth's root — is exposed. This can leave you at risk of cavities, dental sensitivities, and other issues. It's important to do all that you can to prevent your gums from receding, as this care will prevent an assortment of problems. Read More 

2 Simple Tips For Taking Care Of Your Temporary Filling As A Teen

Experiencing extreme tooth damage as a teen can result in you needing a dental crown or dentures. Before this happens, your dentist may install a temporary filling. A temporary filling is mainly used in order to prevent your tooth from worsening before you can get a permanent restoration. If you have extreme decay, then it will act as a barrier against external elements. However, a temporary filling is not intended to last for a long period of time. Read More 

From Wire To Printer: The History Of Your Dental Implant

The noble profession of a dentist has been around for a lot longer than you may imagine – it can trace its roots all the way back to Italy some 14,000 years ago, and was present in Indus Valley civilizations dating back to about 7,000 B.C. Even knowing about primitive dentistry may not make the idea of a more modern-seeming procedure such as getting a dental implant seem any less daunting, as the procedure has had fewer years to be perfected – but is that actually the case? Read More 

Adult Braces: What Are Your Options?

Braces aren't just for kids. Adults are getting these orthodontic devices in record numbers. Between the years 2012 and 2014, the number of people over the age of 18 seeking orthodontic treatment rose by 16 percent, according to research by the AAO. That's 1,460,000 patients. If you're soon to be one of the growing number of adults getting orthodonture, check out what your options are when it comes to straightening your smile. Read More 

Achieving A Nicer Smile In Photos

Taking photos is a great way to create memories that can last for many years to come. However, they can be stressful when you have teeth that are not in a good condition. If you want to enjoy taking photos more often, all you have to do is improve the look of your teeth. There are actually several types of dental products that can be used for creating a nicer smile, but some of them are not permanent. Read More