2 Simple Tips For Taking Care Of Your Temporary Filling As A Teen

Experiencing extreme tooth damage as a teen can result in you needing a dental crown or dentures. Before this happens, your dentist may install a temporary filling. A temporary filling is mainly used in order to prevent your tooth from worsening before you can get a permanent restoration. If you have extreme decay, then it will act as a barrier against external elements. However, a temporary filling is not intended to last for a long period of time. If you are not careful you can cause your temporary filling to fall or loosen prematurely. Luckily, there are a few tips that you can use to care for your filling.

Consider the Foods You Eat

The foods you eat on a day to day basis have a huge impact on how long your permanent fillings last. They can have this same impact on temporary fillings. Hard foods and difficult-to-chew foods are often more aggressive on the surface of your teeth. They will pull against the filling and place an extreme amount of force on the surface. Temporary fillings are often only intended to last for a few weeks or months. In order to prolong this time, you need to replace the hard foods with softer foods. Look for foods that dissolve easily in your mouth and only require a few chews. For example, soups and slow-cooked meats are good examples of foods you can eat.

Invest in a Good Mouthguard

It is expected that as a teen, you may be extremely active. If you participate in extreme or high impact sports, then this can negatively affect the health of your mouth. The mouthguard provides a cushion when your body absorbs a force from a hit. If you regularly play contact sports like football and basketball, then you may experience hits on a regular basis. Without the mouthguard, the surface of your teeth would scrape against each other. The excessive scraping results in the temporary filling weakening and loosening over time. When you decide to purchase a mouthguard, look for a mouthguard that is designed especially for high impact sports. This can be found in your local sporting goods store.

The longer that you are able to keep your temporary filling intact, then the better it will be able to protect your teeth from sustaining further damage and decay. Therefore, use these tips to help keep you take care of your temporary filling. To learn more about dental care, contact a company like Smile Makers Dental