Why X-Rays Are Essential Before A Tooth Extraction

A dentist trip can be nerve racking when you know you have to have a tooth extracted. But when a tooth is so damaged that it needs extraction, it poses a danger to your overall health. Abscesses can form that lead to septicemia due to bacteria entering the bloodstream. You should always have your teeth X-rayed before an extraction to see if there are other issue that need to be dealt with before the tooth is removed. Read More 

Embarrassment Or Worse: What To Know About Bad Breath

While in some cases bad breath is just an annoyance, it can also be a hint of an underlying problem. There are some surprising illnesses and conditions that can cause bad breath, so read on to learn more about this problem and what to do about it. What are the causes of bad breath? There are really two types of bad breath; the temporary and the more permanent. If you've had garlic or onions for lunch, you can almost count on having a temporary case of bad breath. Read More