When Do I Call The Dentist For Help?

Once you've taken care of your dental hygiene with regular visits, you might still need to pop in for a dentist visit on occasion. Read on to find out more about some signs that you need to see your dentist asap. Call the Dentist If... You are seeing red – If your toothbrush or spit is pinkish on more occasions than just after a too-vigorous brushing, you may have some gum issues that need to be addressed. Read More 

Options For Your Retainer

If you have already had the privilege of going through the experience of braces, you are likely looking for a way to keep your teeth straight. Many dentists in general dentistry can offer retainers in an attempt to help you with this endeavor. However, did you know that there are many different types of retainers, all with different strengths and weaknesses? Here are a few options to mull over before you can get in to see your dentist. Read More 

Why Do Dental Implants Last Longer Than Other Tooth Replacement Methods?

When you lose one or more teeth as an adult, you have several options to choose from to replace those missing teeth. Dentures, bridges, and dental implants are all commonly used to replace missing teeth, but dental implants last the longest of them. If you're wondering what makes implants the best, here's what you need to know. Dentures Dentures are one of the most common and time-honored methods of replacing missing teeth, but they're not necessarily the best or longest-lasting. Read More 

Top Reasons To Consider Getting Dental Implants

Do you have a tooth that's missing? If so, you may want to get it restored sooner rather than later. One of the most effective ways to do so is by obtaining dental implants. This process is when you'll have a titanium post placed inside of your jawbone that works to sustain your restoration. It's common to get a dental crown once this first step has been done. Learning simple ways about how dental implants may improve your quality of life can be helpful. Read More 

3 Important Tips To Get Your Child To Brush His Or Her Teeth

Do your kids hate caring for their teeth? Is it a struggle to get them to brush properly, let alone take them to the dentist? It may help a little to know that you're not alone in this regard. Younger kids especially simply aren't going to see the value in caring for their teeth properly. Since improper care can lead to cavities and other pain later, it's important that you are able to impart the right knowledge to your children so that they are able to have the best teeth possible. Read More