4 Indicator It Is Time to Remove Your Last Molars

A significant percentage of the population never develops the third set of molars. These are the wisdom teeth found at the far end of the mouth. For some, their eruption comes with pain. If this is the case and you are experiencing pain, swelling, and other symptoms, you should consider having them removed. Here are some indicators that you urgently need a dental extraction

Your Gum Lacks Adequate Space

You can tell that you lack enough room for the teeth to advance. Chewing and masticating food becomes a painful and uncomfortable process. The inability to accommodate the teeth leads to impaction. Sometimes, it can also lead to the tooth developing in a different direction from your normal teeth, which adds to your pain. You can talk to a dentist if you notice an increase in the level of pain and discomfort even before the tooth breaks to the gum surface. 

Awful Breath

Despite your best efforts with brushing your teeth and general oral hygiene, you could still experience bad breath. If foul breath comes accompanied by soreness at the back of the mouth, the problem could be with the teeth. Inflammation in the gums leads to bacteria festering in the hard-to-reach parts at the back of the mouth. Food also gets stuck on the impaction site, leading to chronic bad breath. The smell could worsen when you smoke, drink, or have poor oral hygiene. 

Issues With Your Sinuses

The other indicator of tooth impaction is problems with your sinuses. Typically, you experience problems with your sinuses when your upper third molars are trying to break to the surface. The most common symptoms include sinus pressure, headaches, and congestion. These symptoms will ease once you remove them. 

Infection and Inflammation

Also, watch out for symptoms of gum inflammation at the far end of the mouth. The area around which the tooth comes out might feel sore and uncomfortable. Issues with the wisdom teeth also cause issues with the lymph nodes found on the sides of your neck, increasing the risk of sore throats. You might have a challenge chewing, eating, and even opening your mouth. 

It is possible to tell when you have problems with your third molars. If this is the case, you should see a dentist as soon as possible after the issue erupts. Their guidance and advice will help you resolve the issues within a short time. They will extract the problematic wisdom teeth and restore oral comfort.