Reasons to Get Dentures

Dentures refer to artificial dental installations that replace lost teeth and improve your overall dental appearance. You may have dental problems that dentures could solve, but you may not know whether you need them or not. There are a few reasons you should consider getting dentures.

Loose Teeth

Your tooth may become loose due to various reasons, such as periodontitis or tooth decay. Also, trauma due to an accident may cause your teeth to become wiggly. The loosening tooth may also cause gum inflammation, bleeding, and pain. If the damage or disease extent is extreme, your doctor may recommend extraction. In this case, you may be required to wear dentures. Fortunately, you can get custom ones that are an exact match for your teeth.

Dental Gaps

Losing your teeth can cause gap formation that may lead to various issues, including chewing problems. And dental installations such as crowns may restrict you to specific diets. For instance, dental crowns may limit your diet to strictly soft foods. Additionally, the facial muscles may sag with time if you have lost many teeth. Also, the bone may start thinning and ultimately cause jaw bone disintegration. Dentures can support your facial muscles and reinforce jawbone strength.

Severe Pain

If you're experiencing a severe toothache, you could have tooth decay. Sometimes, the decay may spread fast and infect the pulp, which contains blood vessels that enable healthy tooth growth. In some instances, a root canal can save your teeth. However, tooth removal may be necessary. So, you may require dentures to replace the missing teeth.


Facial injuries may lead to the falling out of your teeth or severe dental damage. The injuries may be due to a car accident, slip and fall injuries, and sports injuries. Luckily, you need not need to live with the injured teeth or gaps. Dentures can restore your smile and provide replacements for lost teeth.

Improved Look

Your teeth' appearance may change due to staining because of lifestyles such as smoking, eating pigmented food, or poor dental hygiene. Also, chipping or pitting may cause your teeth to look unappealing. Such dental conditions may hurt your confidence and self-esteem. While you may try to save your teeth by cleaning them thoroughly, sometimes the damage may be too severe. Fortunately, dentures can help improve your look and restore your confidence.

You can get dentures if you're experiencing a severe toothache or you have injured or loose teeth. Also, they can replace lost teeth and improve your teeth' appearance. Consider getting dentures for these reasons