When Do I Call The Dentist For Help?

Once you've taken care of your dental hygiene with regular visits, you might still need to pop in for a dentist visit on occasion. Read on to find out more about some signs that you need to see your dentist asap.

Call the Dentist If...

  1. You are seeing red – If your toothbrush or spit is pinkish on more occasions than just after a too-vigorous brushing, you may have some gum issues that need to be addressed. Bleeding with brushing or flossing can indicate periodontal disease. If you catch it early, you can prevent permanent damage to your gums, teeth, and jawbones.
  2. Something hurts – Pain in your mouth should be addressed if it doesn't go away after a day or so. Pain can be a sign of a harmless mouth sore, or it might be a sign of something worse, like a cavity. See your dentist right away if you notice sharp pains or what feels like a throbbing pain in your gums.
  3. You are infected – An abscessed tooth happens when bacteria is allowed to enter the gums and set up residence. Abscesses must be addressed quickly before they begin to affect other areas of your body. In rare cases, an abscess can even cause brain infection and lead to death. Signs to watch out for are swollen spots on the gum, pain, fever, an over-all feeling of being unwell, and puss drainage from a sore.
  4. Hot and cold food make you wince – Some people have teeth and gums that are more sensitive – but those people have been that way for a while. If you suddenly notice a sensitivity to hot and cold beverages or food (or even air) you may have damaged filling, a cracked tooth, or a cavity.
  5. You crack a tooth – A broken or cracked tooth qualifies as a dental emergency, and quick action is needed to preserve and save the tooth. Depending on the location of the tooth, your dentist may be able to make a restoration using dental cement or a crown to shore the tooth up and prevent further damage. The same thing goes if you have a broken or cracked crown or implant. See the dentist as soon as possible.
  6. You lose a tooth – Whether it's because of an accident or otherwise, the steps you take after losing a tooth might determine the outcome. If you can preserve the knocked-out tooth, it can be placed back in your mouth and secured with wires until it can become permanently attached.