Why Braces Aren’t Just For Kids: Adult Braces To Correct Your Teeth

There are a number of reasons for adults to consider getting braces long past teenage years. It's possible that you needed braces when you were younger but you were never able to get the treatment your teeth required. If you have crooked teeth or a jaw that isn't aligned properly, this can lead to problems as you get older. You may have trouble with tooth decay because of crooked teeth and difficulty cleaning. If you have headaches or earaches from your jaw, or gum disease because your teeth are not straight, it's time to see how orthodontist services can help you. No matter what your age, it's important to take good care of your teeth.

Types of Braces For Adults

Your orthodontic treatments may take a little longer than when you were younger because your teeth are not growing anymore. It is harder to move the permanent teeth of an adult because they are more set into place. Your orthodontist may use metal braces, clear ceramic braces, or invisible braces that are removable appliances. Your dentist will choose braces based on your specific needs. For small spatial problems, invisible removable appliances are a good option because they are taken out for eating, brushing and flossing.

When You Have Jaw Problems

If you struggle with TMJ, or temporomandibular joint syndrome, this can be caused from an overbite or underbite that was never corrected. TMJ can lead to serious jaw pain, headaches, and earaches. One of the ways to manage TMJ is to fix any problems with your teeth that could be causing the problem. Braces can help move your teeth into the correct position to improve a significant overbite or underbite.

To Improve Your Appearance

Even when you don't have a huge problem with your teeth, you may have some imperfections you want to be corrected. If you wore braces when you were a child and some of the issues returned, you can have these issues fixed as an adult through orthodontics. If you are not happy with your smile and believe that straighter teeth are going to help, it's time to consult with an orthodontist about your potential for braces as an adult.

While it can be easier to correct problems with teeth when teeth are still growing, this doesn't mean that braces are exclusive to teenagers. If you are experiencing jaw pain or have trouble cleaning your teeth because of crooked areas, it's time to see how orthodontics can help you.