3 Tips When You Can’t Afford The Dentist

Have you been suffering from tooth pain lately? Do you think that you are unable to afford the type of care that your teeth need in order for the pain to stop? If this sounds like you, you're not alone; many people do not think that they are able to afford to have their teeth checked out and worked on by a dentist. But there are options available, even if you have limited means. Some of the things that you may want to consider trying out include:

Discount plan: A discount plan is not insurance, although it can function in a similar manner. With insurance, you pay monthly but may not be covered until you've been a member for a predetermined amount of time. With a dental discount plan, you are covered from day 1. You will still have to pay for whatever treatment you get at the dentist, but you'll get a significant reduction in your final bill. For instance, without a discount plan, an ordinary filling may cost several hundred dollars. But depending on the discount plan, you may only have to pay a few tens of dollars for the exact same treatment.

Dental school: At a dental school, students who are near graduation will treat teeth under the supervision of an experienced dentist in order to get real-world experience. This treatment is often deeply discounted compared to dentists around you, although there may be a long waiting list before you're able to be seen. While you may not feel comfortable allowing a student to perform a root canal, you can still get discounts on things like cleanings and basic fillings. You can then use the savings to help pay your regular dentist for the more involved work that you might be needing.

Ask about payments: While not every dentist is going to offer a payment plan, some will be willing to work with you to get your teeth back into good condition. In some instances, they might offer in-house financing, allowing you to pay a certain amount every month until your bill has been paid off. Other dental offices might suggest outside financing. But you shouldn't assume that you always have to pay your dental bill in full immediately. Most dental offices understand that not everyone is able to afford large lump-sum payments to cover the cost of the dental treatment that they need. As long as you pay it within a reasonable time frame, you'll likely find that most dentists are willing to accommodate your needs.

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