A Cracked Denture Can Often Be Repaired Quickly By Your Dentist

Dentures are durable, but if you drop one on a porcelain sink, it might be damaged. Some common problems include knocked out teeth and minor cracks. It's even possible one of your plates will break in half. Call your dentist when one of your dentures is damaged to see if it can be repaired. Here are some suggestions for dealing with broken dentures.

Ask Your Dentist About A Repair Kit

You can buy a denture repair kit at a pharmacy, but using one might be risky. If you're not able to get to the dentist office for a few days, then you may be tempted to use a kit. Remember that the repair kits are for temporary repairs. You'll still need to see your dentist for a permanent fix. Your dentist may advise you to avoid using a repair kit because of the risk of causing further damage to your dentures. Most cracks and missing teeth can be repaired, but if you add bonding agent to the tooth or pink portion of the denture, it may be more difficult to repair and there is a possibility you'll have to get a new one instead.

Keep The Pieces In Water

You know it's important to store your dentures in water overnight, and it's important to do so even when they're broken. If you can't keep the broken denture in your mouth or chew with it, then keep it in water until you can get to the dentist. When your dentist examines the damage, he or she will inform you about how long the repairs will take. Minor damage might be repaired right away, but more serious damage needs to be repaired in a dental lab and that could take several days if your dentist doesn't have a dental lab in the clinic.

Consider A New Denture

If your dentures are old and one fell out because it doesn't fit well, then it may be time to get new dentures. If your denture cracked in half, getting a new replacement could be the best option. The old one might be repaired temporarily so you don't have to go without teeth while your new dentures are being made. If you're still working or have an active social life and can't go for days without your dentures, your dentist will help you find a way to get fast repairs so you can fill out your smile. Getting a temporary denture could be the solution.

Cracks aren't the only problems that arise with dentures. Sometimes, they get loose or need to be adjusted. When your dentures don't fit as well as they used to, talk to your dentist about the problem so they can be repaired and reduce the risk of falling out and cracking. Contact a clinic, like All Valley Dental, for more help.