4 Ways Dental Implants Can Help You with a Paleo Diet

As people look for new ways to lose weight, one of the more popular trends lately has been the paleo diet. Also referred to as a caveman diet, the simplicity of the diet involves eating only foods and items that were available to cavemen. While switching to this diet can help with weight loss, you must also consider other factors that the diet may impact, like your teeth. As you transition to the diet, it's a good idea to consider how dental implants can positively impact this diet. Dental implants are ideal for replacing cracked, chipped, decaying, or missing teeth. Browse through the following benefits to see how these implants can be used and directly related to a paleo diet.

Chewing Meats

A large part of going on the paleo diet is consuming meats like chicken and ground beef. These meats are often hard and take a while to chew. If you have missing teeth or cracked teeth, this chewing process can be long and painful. Adding an implant to your mouth will make it a lot easier to chew through the meat. The crowns that are added to the implant are made of a hard resin material that can easily chew through meat. They have the strength to tear apart steak or cheeseburgers. If you have problems with your back teeth, then you can have molar implants installed. These implants make it easy to chew the meat with your back teeth.

Bone-Based Foods

Some of the meats that you're cooking may include bones in them. This includes chicken bones, chicken wings, fish, and turkey legs. If bones make contact with a cracked tooth, chipped tooth, or decaying tooth, then your mouth can go through a lot of damage. When a dental implant is installed, it is fused to your jaw bone. This gives it strength and ability to chew through foods and deal with accidental contact to bones. By getting the implants, you can expand the number of foods that you have access to and eliminate any discomfort while eating.

Raw Vegetables

Along with meats, raw vegetables are a huge part of the paleo diet. Many of the vegetables can be boiled down to soften them up, but they are recommended raw for their nutritional value. Carrots, celery, and peppers are just a few of the raw vegetables that can be hard to chew with tooth problems. Getting front implants installed will make it easy to chomp carrots and other hard vegetables. If you are missing a front tooth, the implant will make it easy to bite down without any distractions or mouth adjustments. You also have the ability to match your implant crowns to other teeth in your mouth.

Fruits and Oils

Fruits are often considered the treat for anyone on a paleo diet. If you want to enjoy fruits like lemons and oranges while on this diet, then you must consider the acids that are exposed to your mouth. If you have decaying teeth, then the acids can quickly cause more enamel decay on your teeth. The tooth decay can lead to painful cavities and the potential for other dental diseases. A dental implant has the ability to resist these acids and remain in the same condition. When this is the case, you can enjoy the fruits without worrying about enamel problems or tooth decay. A dentist can examine your mouth for enamel problems and set up a plan for implant replacements. This will help you get the replacement teeth that you need to have a healthy mouth.

Once the implants have healed, you can enjoy the diet and go all-in without any dental issues. For additional reading about dental implants, continue researching online or consult a dentist near you.